Politics, Election And Voting

Do you vote in political elections?


This post is in reply to a daily writing prompt by Jetpack. This is the second time I have chosen to write in response to a prompt. Usually, I don’t go for it, not because I don’t like daily prompts, but because I have my own schedule which doesn’t allow me to write a blog post every day.

Why did I then pick this prompt to respond to? There must be some good reasons. Yes, this is the case, my friends. The reasons are there and are quite convincing too.

Firstly, it’s a weekend. When I’m writing this blog post, it is Saturday here in our part of the world, so I am free as I am not required to attend the office on the weekends. Hence, I have got some spare time to read and write. Taking this opportunity, I have decided to respond to the daily writing prompt.

Secondly, there is much talk about elections in my country. Everyone is talking about elections, from top judges to street vendors. The existing electoral assemblies are about to complete their constitutional terms of five years by mid-August. Hence, fresh elections are around the corner.

The politicians, particularly from the opposition benches are flexing their muscles, and are ready to go into the election. The treasury members, on the other hand, are least willing to go to the electorate for a fresh mandate. They are terribly afraid of the idea of facing their voters. Their myopic and ill-advised policies have wrought havoc upon the economy, and have adversely affected the common people. They have done nothing to protect the people from the inflationary pressure. They’ve instead heaped misery upon the masses by burdening them with heavy direct and indirect taxes. As if that weren’t enough, they have been guilty of massive corruption and corrupt practices. They have been accused of squandering state resources with impunity.

As regards the question posed in this prompt “Do you vote in political elections?”, my answer is YES. I have been voting in elections for the past two decades or so. However, I am neither attached to any particular political party, nor to any specific political ideology. My ideology is my people and my country. Hence, my voting preferences have been changing over the years instead of being fixated on some outdated political ideology. I am again ready to cast my vote whenever the elections are held in my country. Casting your vote is not only a right but also an obligation. So always fulfill this national obligation with utmost responsibility.

Thanks for reading this blog post! Do you also vote in political elections? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

12 thoughts on “Politics, Election And Voting

  1. A timely write-up on elections and voting, Shahbaz. Agree with you that elections have become a talk of the town here in Pakistan. Everyone is talking about elections, even the matter of PA elections is sub judice. Let’s see what happens. The incumbent government is hell bent upon barring any attempt to hold elections. They have no regard for the constitution and the court.
    I am glad to know that you are not tied to any particular political ideology and don’t have fixed opinions on politics. One must never be rigid in one’s (political) views

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    • Thanks Ahmad for sharing your feedback. Let’s hope that elections are held in line with the constitutional diktat, and people are allowed to choose their representatives in a free and transparent manner. Let’s hope that sanity prevails in the corridors of power.

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  2. The elections are coming up in Turkey, and I am quite nervous about the result. I won’t be able to vote this time since I couldn’t register on time at the embassy, but if I could, I would for the reasons you stated in your blog post.

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  3. I think your take is best when it comes to politics. Always be open to change and new ideology and make up your mind after hearing both sides and thinking about what’s best for the country. Don’t stick to old political ideologies for the sake of it. And glad you vote, it’s so important to have our voice heard. And that’s the only way one can improve the country.

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    • Thanks for your valuable comments, Pooja! One should always be open to change and must not be rigid in their views. We continuously keep learning and unlearning things. So, we must always make an informed decision. There is no point in sticking to old political ideologies for nothing. This is against the spirit of rationality.
      And yes, voting is a must to make our voice heard in the matters of public interest. Sitting back will serve no good.

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      • You said it perfectly, we are constantly evolving as human beings and learning/unlearning so it’s important to be flexible about our views. And yes, voting is definitely a must do.

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