What I Have Learned In My Life About Love

This post is inspired by Jetpack’s daily writing prompts. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to daily writing prompts. However, this prompt caught my attention immediately and kept me thinking about the topic. This is because it is a unique and intriguing subject, and has the potential to put your stream of thoughts into action.

Love is a tender feeling, a divine gift, and touches your heart in the most unexpected way. You cannot feign love or forge it. It comes naturally and resides in your heart. Love is the most delicate feeling in the world. It is a gift from the Creator. No human heart can be devoid of love. There is nothing sensual about love. Love is all about attention, care, empathy, respect, and sacrifice.

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Now coming to the topic of what I have learned in my life about love. Frankly speaking, I have learned a lot in my life about this tenderest emotion. Love has taught me:

  • That love is a universal feeling and has its own language understood by all.
  • Love makes you caring, considerate, sensitive, and softhearted.
  • That love entails hope and keeps you inspired and motivated.
  • Love purges you of all the bad feelings like anger, hatred, jealousy, malice, and malevolence.
  • Love has taught me that all human beings are equal and equally worthy of love.
  • It made me realize that people must not be discriminated against on the basis of their color, caste, and creed.
  • That love prevents you from passing judgment on the people around you.
  • Love helps you broaden your vision, and makes you appreciate the opposing views.
  • Love keeps appearing in different colors and shades throughout our lives. It keeps improving us from better to best. Love has the magical power to transform our hearts and minds.
  • Love acts as a beacon of hope in our darkest moments and saves us from plunging into the depths of despondency.

What Have You Learned In Your Life About Love? Please do let me know in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “What I Have Learned In My Life About Love

  1. Beautiful post as usual. Indeed love is a divine gift and a tender feeling, and it makes us sympathetic and sensitive towards others. You have rightly highlighted that love has nothing sensual about it. Usually, we have a very narrow definition of love, and relate it to a particular relationship. However, you have explained love in an entirely different perspective, and its sounds pretty good.

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  2. Wonderful answer to the writing prompt! Beautiful topic and beautiful thoughts on love. Your thoughts on love resonate with me. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

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