Quote Of The Week # 10

We, humans, are impatient creature by nature and tend to lose patience very soon. We cannot wait for the things to settle down. Instead, we want to fix them quickly. But there is no quick fix to every problem. Our failure to swiftly fix an awkward situation leaves us stressed. We lose all hope and instantly start complaining.

Only if we can understand that nothing lasts forever! Neither pain nor pleasure. Everything is ephemeral. We need to be a little bit patient. We must understand that whatever we are going through, whether good or bad, will pass soon. Every cloud has a silver lining. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We should never lose hope, no matter how unfavorable the circumstances are. We must whisper the following words to our anxious hearts….

This (time) too shall pass.

This quote not only urges us to think positively but also serves as a reminder that we should cherish the good moments in life because these moments are also temporary. They too will pass soon. This is the law of nature. We must cultivate the habit of living in the present moment. Not only should we enjoy the present moment but also be thankful to God for His blessings. There is no point in staying in the past or worrying about the future. The past is gone and cannot come back. The future is uncertain and no one can predict it. Life is the present moment, hence we must celebrate and enjoy this moment.

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12 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week # 10

  1. Fully agree with this beautiful quote and your explanation, Shahbaz. However, patience is a rare quality, and we often lose sight of the fact that everything in life is temporary. Usually, we get caught in the moment and lose hope.
    Important thing is our attitude, i.e. how we react and respond. The fact is we cannot always control the circumstances we find ourselves in. But, we can control our attitude and how we respond to those circumstances.
    Your post offers a good advice for anyone struggling with impatience or anxiety about the future. Thanks for sharing!

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    • No doubt, patience is a rare quality, but it is one of the most admirable qualities to have. Attitude can make or break us, hence it is important to adopt the right attitude. Thanks for reading this post and sharing your insightful thoughts, Ahmad.

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  2. Great quote.
    Yes, us humans are very impatient beings. And we like to think we can control all aspects of life but that’s really not true. We aren’t in control and things often happen that we didn’t plan. But like the quote says, it’s best to let go and not stress too much because things always change over time.

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