Scary Shadows Of Oppression

The dark ‘n’ ugly shadows are again stalking our streets,Bother they not to hide their designs however indiscreet,Day and night chasing the people until they cry,Beating the hell out of 'em who dare them defy. They slither like serpents, silent and sly,Hounding everyone whether a gal or a guy,A people once vibrant, is now gripped … Continue reading Scary Shadows Of Oppression

Politics, Election And Voting

Do you vote in political elections? Dailyprompt-1927 This post is in reply to a daily writing prompt by Jetpack. This is the second time I have chosen to write in response to a prompt. Usually, I don't go for it, not because I don't like daily prompts, but because I have my own schedule which … Continue reading Politics, Election And Voting