Quote Of The Week # 11

I cannot agree more with this beautiful quote by Charlie Chaplin.

How can love get everything done?

It is because love embodies compassion, empathy, kindness and understanding. These qualities make a formidable combination to inspire action and get things done. Nothing can be more potent than love. Love can make even the impossible things possible. It can be a strong driving force behind every great achievement. Love can indeed inspire people to move mountains or dig a canal through mountainous terrains. You can coerce people to submission but you can’t conquer their hearts. Only love can do this.

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Why do we need power then?

Power represents authority, control, domination, and manipulation. These attributes make a lethal combination to inspire awe and fear among others. We seek power when we want to control others. We may have some uncanny desire to impose our will upon others and make them submissive. Hence, we employ power tactics to control their thoughts and action. We may succeed in achieving our nefarious purposes, but we’ll lose respect in the eyes of people.

Can’t we dispense with power?

Yeah, we can.

Nope, we can’t.

It depends. I leave it up to you decide.

Thanks for reading! What do you think about this quote and the question? Please do share your thoughts with me. Stay blessed!

6 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week # 11

  1. We can dispense with power provided we understand the power of love. But, usually we don’t understand. Power, in itself is not a bad thing. Only its usage makes it good or bad. All depends on how power is wielded and for what purposes.


  2. Really accurate quote. I wish more people understood this especially people who do have power. It’s very easy to let power turn you into a monster. I don’t know if we will ever be able to fully dispense with power, I wish we could but it doesn’t seem possible.

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    • People having power are least likely to understand this. Only a few can digest this, otherwise, power makes people intoxicated and they behave like a monster. As a saying goes that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      Agree that dispensing with power seems impossible since people are attracted more to power than love. One can only hope for the otherwise.

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