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Eid Celebrations And Family Functions

As the holy month of Ramadan has passed, we are having five Eid holidays. I am writing this blog post on the third day of Eid-ul-Fitr. The holidays started on Friday and would finish on Tuesday. From Wednesday onward, there will be life as usual. Work, work, and work. Alas!

Coming back to the holidays, Eid fell on the second day of these holidays. Eid is a time for joy and celebration. Families get together to celebrate Eid and savor the feast. I started my day with the Fajar prayer and then offered the special Eid prayer at 7 AM. Then, we had a family gathering, where all family members were present. It was indeed a red-letter day. We have had a lot of fun on Eid day. Special dishes were cooked for lunch and dinner. In between the meals, cakes, sweets, and snacks were also served to everyone. However, Eid remains incomplete without Sheer Khurma (a dessert). It is a sweet dish made of milk, vermicelii, almonds. pistachio, cardamom, etc.

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On the second day of Eid, there was an engagement function at noon. My nephew and niece got engaged, so this added to the overall festive atmosphere. It was a grand affair. The ceremony began with the exchange of rings between fiancé and fiancée. The couple then received gifts and money from the elders. Finally, a sumptuous meal was served which included chicken biryani, mutton curry, and fruit custard. There was a great deal of fun and merriment. Everyone was in a jubilant mood. Children were particularly overjoyed as they already had pocketsful of money given by the elders as Eidi.

The concurrence of two events i.e. Eid and Engagement have made these holidays very special for my family. We’ll remember these fun-packed events for a long time to come.

Blog Housekeeping

In between these festivities, I kept visiting my Blog to do some housekeeping. This was long overdue. In fact, there has never been any housekeeping since the start of this blog. So these Eid holidays gave me an opportunity to attend to my blog, identify the issues, and sort them out.

If you have no idea {as to} how to check and fix the broken links on your blog, the below article by Hugh W. Roberts will guide and help you solve this problem.

Broken Links: How Often Should You Check And Fix Them On Your Blog?

  • Then I fixed various images on my blog posts. Some of these images were either oversized or undersized. These appeared perfectly on my blog site but didn’t fit into Reader. In certain other images, the content was out of focus. So, I have painstakingly edited these images in Canva. Now, they look perfectly fine when viewed in Reader.
  • There are some other issues that need to be fixed. However, I will take care of these in the days ahead.

How was your weekend spent? Was there something new or nothing? What are your thoughts on blog housekeeping? Please do let me know in the comments section. Thanks for reading this post!

8 thoughts on “Eid Holidays: Family Gathering And Function | Blog Housekeeping

  1. I read this post hastily just to find the word “Eidi” 😅
    Mashaallah! You had a great Eid holiday (s) but however you couldn’t do justice with the joyous moments of receiving “Eidi”😹
    Am not sure if you got any Eidi, but do share some celebratory moments of Eidi of your salad days😊

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  2. Thanks Ahmad for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. May Allah bless you for your kind prayers. Ameen!
    As for blog housekeeping, yes we must check our blogs for broken links, content and image issues, etc. and fix them at our earliest. This housekeeping will help us a lot in bringing organic traffic to our blogs in the longer run.


  3. Wonderful Eid Shahbaz. So you had a lot of fun and merriment on this special occasion. I too enjoyed my Eid a lot. I can relate to everything you have mentioned in your blog post. May Allah bless us with more celebratory moments like this. Ameen
    Good suggestions for blog housekeeping. We should devote some time for doing housekeeping on our blogs off and on. I think this will fix a lot of things. And thanks for sharing the free link.

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