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These lines are taken from the “Ode to the West Wind” by Percy Bysshe Shelley and are highly optimistic lines. They suggest that we must always remain hopeful and should never give up. No matter what are the circumstances, we should stick to optimism. In literature, winter is associated with inactivity, despondency, and death, whereas spring symbolizes action, hope, and life.

Life is a continuous cycle of sorrows and joys. If winter denotes death, spring signifies rebirth. Every winter is followed by a spring like a night is pursued by a day. So there is no point in losing hope as nothing lasts forever. How much worse the situation might be, we must whisper to our heart —- THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

With April just around the corner, the winter has already packed up and Spring is knocking at the doors. Due to unexpected climate changes, the winter season has considerably shrunk in our part of the world. There was a time when winter would last up to 5-6 months. I was at a school then. The summer vacations used to end in September and then the weather would take a colder turn from the early weeks of October heralding the onset of winter. The next four months from November to February would be very cold.

However, drastic climate changes have taken their toll on the usual weather patterns. The winters, we were accustomed to in our childhood, are no longer there. Now, winters have shortened dramatically. They come and go in a jiffy. The moment you are ready to welcome the winter, it is gone. How unpredictable the seasons have become!

Unchecked industrialization and carbon fuel emissions have damaged our environment beyond measure. Our greed has destroyed Nature. Now, we are at the receiving end, but not ready to mend our ways yet. Climate change is a bitter reality from which we cannot escape. But instead of taking any practical steps, we are content with paying mere lip service to the climate cause. The world may turn topsy-turvy; there may be steeply rising temperatures, rapid glacial meltdown, and unusual flooding, but world leaders will always keep failing us.

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9 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week

  1. Yes, these lines are full of hope and optimism. Agree with you that the winter season has considerably shortened in Pakistan. Now, winter only lasts for a few weeks between December and January.
    Climate change, of course, is the most critical issue and demands serious attention if we have to save this planet from further environmental degradation. But, unfortunately at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be a priority at any forum.

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  2. Yes, climate change is something everyone should be paying attention to. If we don’t put effort into stopping climate change it’s going to be too late. Although some already say it’s too late. But at least we can slow it down.

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