100 Followers- A Milestone To Celebrate

A few months back, I started blogging on WordPress and had no idea (as to) how to proceed on this platform. Back then, I was a complete stranger on WP and did not know even a single blogger here. I had no blogging experience and hence wasn’t sure as how would I navigate in this unchartered territory. I was a complete novice among the seasoned bloggers all around. So, there was a feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty. On top of it, I was doing (still doing) a full-time job, hence sparing time for blogging was a real issue. This burning issue still persists, but I can’t do anything about it. I’ll have to continue blogging with this timing issue, as there is no cure for it. As a saying goes, what cannot be cured must be endured. Endure I will, then.

Anyway, this time constraint has prevented me from publishing my blog posts at regular intervals. Yet, I didn’t lose my heart and did not give up blogging. There are many bloggers who started their blogs with much fanfare, then they disappeared into thin air. They might have their own issues and reasons to discontinue their blogging journey. Since I am not in their shoes, I, therefore, cannot blame them for throwing in the towel so soon.

On my part, I chose to pursue my dreams and hence persevered with my blog. Besides the initial teething troubles, there were certain other pitfalls along the way. Some were passing, others pestering. But, I persisted. It is not that I didn’t have my share of disappointments and low moments. They were there. However, something inside me kept me inspired and motivated during all this while.

My friend Renard Moreau‘s blog Renard’s World also helped me a lot in staying persistent in blogging. He is a seasoned blogger and keeps sharing insightful tips about blogging consistency, blog topics, schedules, writer’s block, etc.

I, therefore, did not give up and continued my slow saunter toward my blogging destination. Gradually, this perseverance began to pay off. I got my first WordPress follower, then second, third, fourth…and there was no going back then. The numbers kept notching up. The audience was growing. I began to feel more comfortable and confident after each new blog post that I published. Then came the first milestone of 50 followers. It was no mean feat for a newbie blogger. But, I didn’t celebrate this achievement and eyed for my first 100.

Finally, it is here. I have got my first hundred WP followers. I have no words to express my gratitude to all of you beautiful people. Had it not been for your support all along the way, I wouldn’t have been here today. I owe every bit of my blogging success to you guys. You have been way too kind in visiting my blog. You spared time to interact with me, liked my blog posts, and commented thereon. I feel equally indebted to all of you. I wish I could thank you all individually, however, time and space don’t allow me to do this. You make up the highly caring and considerate WordPress Community. I feel proud to be a part of this kind community now.

Initially, I had no intention to write this celebratory post. I was undecided and was torn between “to be or not to be” like Prince Hamlet. However, the words of one of the highly successful bloggers Pooja G prompted me to go ahead with this post. In her blog Lifesfinewhine, she had somewhere advised to celebrate our little successes in the blogosphere. Based on her own experience, she keeps sharing useful tips for growing as a blogger. So, acting upon her expert advice, I decided to compose and publish this post to express my thankfulness to all of you guys.


17 thoughts on “100 Followers- A Milestone To Celebrate

  1. Wow, congratulations that’s an amazing milestone and reminder that you’re moving forward with blogging. And thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Small goals are definitely important and should be celebrated.

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