Vengeful Woman

How can one be so much full of bile?
She speaks not but spits venom

Always in a state of anguish
Always uttering nonsense.

Even her smile is sinister
Her manners supercilious

An epitome of unsuppressed hatred she is
And cure for her hatred is none.

Just to quench her vindictive fire
She wants to set the country ablaze

Concerned with people she's not
Never would she ever be.

With no regard for civil liberties
With little respect for rule of law

She wants to run amuck like a maniac
With her murderous gangs.

She just wants to rule over the land
Like an absolute monarch

Pity the nation whom she wants to rule
Pity the people who are toeing her perverted line.

This poem is inspired by Saba Niaz Siddiqui‘s Vultures Are Dancing Naked (allegory).

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