Weddings Galore. No Spare Time To Read And Write Blog Posts

Recently, I was caught in a whirlwind of activities. Even the proverbial bee could not be as busy as I was during the past few weeks. This had nothing to do with my usual routine at the office. These activities involved family marriages and hectic traveling. There were four wedding functions in a row. All functions were scheduled on weekends, so there was no rest at all.

All four weddings were of close relatives, so none could be missed. Attendance was a must (whether) rain or shine. Skipping any of the wedding functions would have serious consequences. It meant the weakening of family ties which no saner person could ever afford. Besides, there was no genuine reason to miss any of these events. These functions were tactfully fixed on weekends to preclude any possibility of excuses.

Hence, we had to attend all the functions. Two were within the city, so showing up there was not a big deal. It was rather a welcome distraction from daily drudgery. We therefore actively participated in the local wedding parties and enjoyed the time there. These functions afforded us an ideal opportunity to meet our relatives-both close and distant. The irony of modern life is that we are too occupied to spend time with our families, not to speak of relatives and friends. Everyone is caught in the rat race, hence there is no time left for leisure. In such unenviable circumstances, family weddings turn out to be real blessings.

As regards the rest of the two wedding functions, these were to be held in other cities. Thus, we had to undertake a journey of a few hundred miles each to participate in these parties. Tough, the traveling was a bit tiring, the functions were simply fabulous. They made us forget all our fatigue. It was indeed a quality time spent with cousins and elderly family members. I wished I had more time at my disposal to savor those precious moments. But alas, time is the rarest commodity in today’s world.

I have free time only on weekends. So, I use this time to read books and write blog posts, in addition to performing routine domestic chores. However, the previous few weekends were reserved for wedding functions. Therefore, I didn’t get even a fraction of free time to read and write. There was no time to visit my blog either. Though I kept checking my blog off and on, I could not indulge in any meaningful discussion even with my fellow bloggers. However, this was unavoidable because of my full involvement in family functions.

How was your time spent? Was it a business as usual or something special? I would love to hear from you.

17 thoughts on “Weddings Galore. No Spare Time To Read And Write Blog Posts

  1. Weddings in Pakistan are full of fun, and preparations for a wedding are started weeks before the wedding day. I hope you must have enjoyed your time there. Indeed, weddings are a welcome distraction from our boring daily routine.

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  2. My culture is also crazy about weddings, and weddings were one of the events I dreaded as a kid. No wonder I have never attended a wedding as an adult (including my own!) 😂

    I’m curious about weddings in Pakistan, though!

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    • Haha! There is nothing scary about the weddings.
      There is a lot of fun instead. Traditionally, a wedding in Pakistan has three parts and spans over as many days. Night before wedding day is reserved for Mehndi (As per OALD definition, mehndi is
      1 the art of applying a temporary design to a personʼs skin using a reddish-brown dye (= a substance used to change the colour of something), especially for their wedding day.

      2 a type of decoration that is applied to a personʼs skin, usually on their hands, using a reddish-brown dye)
      Then on 2nd day, the nikah is solemnized (formal ceremony of tying the nuptial knot). On 3rd day, the bridegroom throws a lunch or dinner party, with many people in attendance.
      In between, there are many rites and rituals steeped in tradition.

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      • There are a lot of similarities between weddings in Turkey and Pakistan then 🙂 We call that reddish-brown dye “kına” in Turkish. It has a powerful smell, so I remember how I escaped from it when I was a child 😂

        Thank you for explaining Pakistani weddings in detail to me 😊

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      • Yeah, there are many similarities as I have also watched weddings in Turkish dramas.
        Oh, the dye smell is so powerful and nauseating for some people when applied. Once it is washed, there remains no smell.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bahanur!

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