Contemplating Life and its Brutal Realities to Find Some Answers


Life is quite uncertain and unstable. There is nothing permanent in life. It changes and changes quickly, leaving us dismayed and dumbfounded. 

At times, we find ourselves unable to adjust to this ever-changing life. At one moment, we deem ourselves to be happy, but in the next moment, the edifice of our illusory happiness is pulled down by some unknown power. 

The result is that we are at the loss at this sudden change of events. 

Why is life so unpredictable? Why does it change its color so quickly? Why does it take delight in teasing and tormenting us? 

The more we know about life, the more we get curious. The more we try to unravel the mystery of life, the more we get entangled in it. 

What should we do then? Should we stop thinking about life, or should we go on musing over it till we find the answers to all our questions?  

Even this very question fails to get a satisfactory answer from us. What is then, the use of all this mind-boggling exercise? 

Can we not accept life as it comes to us, with no reservations at all?  

Can we not reconcile with our fate without making any complaints? 

Can we? 

Yeah, we can. But then there is another idea that worries us a lot, i.e. are we mere puppets in the hands of fate? Can we not lead our lives on our own accord?

If yes, then we are the masters of our own fate. But if the answer is in the negative, then we are nothing but the playthings of fate. 

And fate acts as it pleases without caring for its helpless victims. It pursues its decided course ruthlessly, and we can’t make it alter its course for love or money. 

It appears to be indifferent and insensible to human happiness.

What is free will, then?

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